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Florida Child Custody Law

One of the most common disputes in Family law is the matter of Child Custody. Such disputes are embroiled with bitterness and sensitivity as these concern the children and their well-being. More often than not, this type of family dispute significantly affects the psychological and emotional aspects of the children involved.

Parental Responsibility

One of the basic concepts associated with Child Custody is Parental Responsibility. This delves into the authority of each parent in a child custody dispute to make decisions for the child. In most cases, both parties battling for custody often come to an amicable resolution where there is a sharing of responsibility equally. However, it is pretty common for cases to end up with a very unequal sharing of that responsibility. This is where one parent is given the most authority in all the major decisions in the life of the children.

Time Sharing

Time sharing refers to the actual division of time of the children with each parent. Whether court mandated or agreed upon by both parents, the resolution to such a dispute will end up with rigid rules and schedules that each parent has to adhere to, where each parent will be allotted time with the children in accordance to the children’s best interests.

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