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Child Custody

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Domestic Violence

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Divorce, Child Custody, Domestic Violence: Sarasota Family Law

Our legal focus is in Family Law, a branch of the law that deals with highly complicated and most of the time emotional issues associate with divorce, child custody, domestic violence, and other common family matters. Our firm likewise handles asset distribution& management, relocation, enforcement, & modification, which are also included in most family matters.

We have a great team of skilled and professional lawyers, all of whom are dedicated and very capable I finding the best resolution to whatever family dispute or issue you are going through. Whether you are contemplating a divorce, are embattled by a brutal child custody case, or are in danger of being a victim of domestic violence, our lawyers are experts that will provide you the best guidance and representation.

Our attorneys are specialists in litigation as well, so if push comes to shove and no resolution out of court is available, you can breathe easy in the idea that we are good at what we do.

Individualized Legal Guidance and Dedication

The practice of Family delves into the financial and emotional matters of a person’s life. The complexities of each family issue or dispute will require complete focus and planning in order to reach the desired resolution amenable to the parties involved.

Our Sarasota Family Lawyers are dedicated in providing you the necessary knowledge and tools to help you in making crucial decisions that you may not be equipped in handling alone.

Sarasota’s Finest Family Law Attorneys

As part of our family law advocacy, our lawyers ensure that you are given the best possible solutions to any issue or circumstance that you and your family are experiencing. We provide expert legal advice and are more than ready for litigation should the matter require it.